Freedom is our Birthright: Humanity is Interconnected

HEART Ignition

The Beautiful Many

Let us Celebrate your Humanity!  What does it mean to be Human-Luminous?  If you are reading this you are expanding your Awareness to recognize what you already are.

Waking up as a Being— A Soul Embodied is like looking into a Looking Glass and seeing yourSelf.  Your True Self.  Your true self is beginning to shine through.  Your Light is shining through as you are Love Activated.

We dance with Joy!  Shout to the Heavens and Cosmos.  Laugh while meandering through the stars and meadows.  YES!  Humankind is Expanding Its Awareness.  The Interconnection has reached Critical Mass.  The Flower of Life is Lighting Up like a Golden Ray of Expansion.  You are Beautiful!  Yes, All of You.

Beauty is not how your body is shaped.  It is the quality of your HEART.  This is the Beauty we speak of. Yes!  The Beauty of your HEART.  We Celebrate Humanity!

The training wheels are off.  The Time is Now for you to ride on forth as the Cosmic Citizens you are becoming.

You are the Ones that are Co-Creating the NEW EARTH with Gaia-Mother EARTH.  It is You and Earth.   Each day, more and more of your Brothers and Sisters of Humankind are Expanding their Awareness, awakening to see their true Self(s).  Their Lights Shine Through.  You are all Growing to be Cosmic Citizens– Seeing beyond your front door, beyond your City, Town, Hamlet. Beyond your County, State, Province, Area.  Beyond your Country, Continent.  Beyond the Surface Earth.  You are growing and seeing the Cosmos– and as you see the Cosmos– that star stuff within your HEARTS reaches out and connects with the Star Stuff throughout the Cosmos.  You are all interconnected.

Each time you reach out with your Heart-Mind with Love– Each Time you connect with another transpersonally, in real time, in groups or individually– More Lights upon EARTH Light UP.  The Lights are you, Beautiful Luminous Humanity. 

Change occurs through growth spurts and then slower growing periods.  Humanity and Earth have entered an accelerated path of Growth.  Growing Like Beautiful wild plants which some call weeds.  We rejoice!

We bless you all with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open Hearts Change the World.

The Beautiful Many through Elizabeth


The Teachers of the New Earth

All Around The World—Open Up Your Heart…Forever United


Solar Eclipse on 11/13/12   <—- notice the date.  Divine Feminine is represented within this number.  The Divine Feminine is reaching the ignition point of emancipating herself within each Human Being on the individual level and within Each Society on the Macro Level.  Society is defined as a group of organized people administered by any form of Government.   The Emancipation of the Woman is reaching ignition which leads to the uniting with the Divine Masculine within the individual  level and within the Societal level.  –Shoma of the Beautiful Many


Cosmic News
Solar Eclipse on November 13-14 2012


Total Solar Eclipse November 2012

From Planetary Energies, Lara Owen      November 9, 2012

This Total Solar Eclipse is a Southern Hemisphere event, visible from Northern Australia across to South America. I’m in Sydney at the moment, and as I write, eclipse enthusiasts are piling up camper vans and cars and driving the long haul up to Cairns to witness it. Everyone should see a Solar Eclipse at least once in their lifetime: it is an awesome event that forever changes your perception of reality and teaches you viscerally about our relationship with light and warmth aka the Sun. Lunar eclipses teach us about the Moon, but that’s another story.

Solar eclipses always occur with a New Moon. At the New Moon the Sun and Moon appear from the Earth’s perspective to be in the same part of the sky. So when the Moon moves directly in front of the Sun, as seen from Earth, the Sun is temporarily blotted out, giving an eerie period of darkness during the daytime. In Northern Australia, the eclipse happens an hour after daybreak, so will be visible (at 06:38 AEDT). Obviously if it occurs at night, you don’t see anything. The total part of this eclipse lasts four minutes, and two minutes of that will occur in Cairns. Two whole minutes of total darkness in the morning. Think about that. It’s a much longer time than you might think. Northern New Zealand will see a partial eclipse, with Auckland having 87% of the Sun blocked out.

The eclipse starts at 19:38 Universal Time (what used to be called Greenwich Mean Time) on November 13, and ends at 00:46 UT November 14. The New Moon is exact at 22:08 UT November 13 (that’s 17:08 pm Eastern, 14:08 Pacific, 9:08 Australian East Coast time the next day). So the US and Europe will be under the influence of the New Moon and the Eclipse vibe during the afternoon and evening of the 13th and for Australia and New Zealand, the morning of the 14th.

Eclipses are big news to astrologers because the ancients observed that eclipses coincided with more than usual amounts of change, especially at the public macro level, which was of course the arena that ancient astrology was most involved with, having little concern for individual fate and circumstance. The King was the thing, and indeed, major events in public life do occur with major eclipses. We’ve just had the US election, a political event covered more widely in the rest of the world than any other non-domestic leadership battle. The reelection of Obama may turn out to be more change-inducing than we currently are aware.

Eclipses occur in series that replicate astronomical placements, and the Saros series recur every 18 years 11 days. This eclipse is part of the Saros 133 series that began in 1219 and ends in 2499. In astrological terms, some Saros series are more benign than others, and 133, known astrologically as Saros 15 North, is known as a kinder eclipse cycle, bringing joy and commitment, according to eclipse analyser and astrologer Bernadette Brady.

It is a North Node eclipse, meaning that the New Moon is conjunct the North Node. (Eclipses occur when the New or Full Moon conjuncts a Lunar Node, so you can always tell what month eclipses will happen if you know the signs the Nodes are in.) The North Node is more about the future than the past, so the inference is that North Node eclipses move us forward.

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Angel Messages –Archangel Metatron 

Archangel Metatron through Linayah Kei  of Angelic Path to Healing

~A Message from Archangel Metatron~  November 2012

Dear Beloved Ones,We come to you to bring joy, peace, love and hope to you. The time is nearing for everyone in all corners of the planet to get up, dust off your knees and stand tall in the joy of life and to see that there is a Light at the end of that proverbial
tunnel.What is being called the Golden Age is here and you only have to open the door to allow it in. Are you ready? Are you willing to accept and allow what has been and is being promised of a newness that has never been experienced before?Are you ready to stand tall in your new shoes and new clothing of love, abundance, prosperity, Oneness, peace and happiness? Are you willing to say yes to what you do not know the outcome or the answers to be?If so, then you will be moving into the beginning of life that is how your heart has been desiring for so very long.Beloveds, we have been telling you for quite some time about the changes that have, are and will occur upon your planet. We have been gently giving you nudges to move out of the old paradigms and into something that is hard to conceive;yet your inner wisdom and your heart knows is how you do want it to be.We have been giving you hope and attempting to bring clarity to your questions and alleviate you fears of what is to come.

Dear ones, there is no end to the world. There is only an end to the old ways that do not work and have not worked for way too long.

On the other side of this ending is life as it should be. Life that does not separate one from another, value one over another, and have boundaries and borders. This is the world that is coming as the old tired one exits.

It is now time to do as an animal does and shed the old coat and take on a brand new one. Put on your new coat and enjoy how it makes you feel. You deserve that new coat and you deserve to wear it in pride and happiness.

We also want to say to everyone that it is time to ‘Lighten up’. Enough of the doom and gloom, the judgments of others and self, the fears of lack, of the future and in reality of life!

It is time to enjoy your life beloveds. Why do so many of you wallow in self-pity and that ‘woe is me’ attitude? Isn’t this becoming a bit tiresome? Would you not like to pull yourself out of that pity party and go to another party where everyone is having just plain ol

efun?You can move to the next party, the next stage of you life whenever you decide you are ready. As long as you are fearful of what will be at the other party, you cannot move on and will remain stuck until you are ready to let go of those old ways.

Those of you who have awakened to this and are embracing it by clearing out the remnants that are still hanging on and finding an understanding of who you truly are and what your importance is while seeing beyond the world in front of you

,are ready to move on and we applaud you for we know it has not always been easy.But like one who is on a treasure hunt seeking to find the hidden treasures

, you have not given up because you know that the rewards and the treasures will be yours very soon. And they will. Many of you are already experiencing either a
small taste or a great big bite of the deliciousness that is available. Don’t give up beloveds and stay the course for it will be what you have dreamed about and more. So many surprises will be yours.
For those who have not yet come to this place at this time, it is alright. You are in the perfect place and in the perfect timing. You are feeling there is something more to life as you have known it. You feel the need to explore and
understand more. Beloveds you ARE in the process of beginning to awaken so be proud of yourselves and know that you are much further along than you realize. As long as you keep moving and flowing, even when it seems like it will take too long, you will get to your destiny and in fine timing.

We will not address those who are not aware yet and are mired in the muck in their lives here, for everyone who reads this is not in that space. You are reading this because you are aware, you are on your beautiful path and you are on the way to glorious and amazing days to come. If you do not see this, do not worry. Trust that it is so.

Remember you have a very large team of beings of the Light who are here to assist you through all of this. We will help you when you stumble and we will guide you to the right places and right people that you need in your lives. You are
never alone, not in any moment. Let go of thoughts that you must do it all by yourself. Let go of thoughts that struggle is just a way of life that you must experience. These are not your truth!

You are all incredible beings who are experiencing a life as a human. You have done this many times. This one is the best yet, beloveds, for you are now on a journey like one you have never experienced. All those other lifetimes were there to prepare you to come now and be a part of the evolution and change of humankind as has never been known

See your value. Know your Godliness. Know you are One with all of Creation. Know your perfection and wholeness. When you acknowledge and embrace this you will find peace. Love yourself beloved ones for you are worthy of that love.

Stay centered and do not allow distractions of the outer world to hold you back. Stay strong in your truth and be authentic in all you do and say. Each of you are powerful and have an incredible amount of wisdom that is still untapped or yet to be recalled. It will all be returning into your awareness when the time is appropriate.

We say to you beloveds, relax and have fun! Enjoy this journey you are on and be grateful for everything that you have, you are and that you do. Love yourself beyond anything. Let go of self-judgment, self-blame and unforgiveness of yourself. Let go of the past now! When you do,things will become much smoother. This we promise you.

You are loved much more than you can know. You are valued much more than you think. You are worthy much more than your old beliefs allow you to know.

It is time to let those outdated beliefs go. Out with the old and in with the new. The sooner you clean the attic the more room you will have to bring in the new. Clean you house now and remove all that no longer is needed.

It is time to get the brooms out and sweep away the cobwebs that are cluttering your life. Do this beloveds and you will not be disappointed. We can assure this for you.

You are all shining stars in a Universe that has infinite supply. Let your Light shine dear ones and let it shine brightly instead of hiding it. When all of you sparkle together like on a clear night the world will be a better place. Your star essence is important in the whole picture. Each of you is a piece of the puzzle that is needed to complete the picture. You
are a vital part of that picture. Shine and twinkle dear stars and light up the Universe.

We are in gratitude to you.

Blessings and love,

We are Archangel Metatron and we are with you


About the author

Linaya Kei of Angelic Path to Healing is an Angel communicator, Leader, author and blogtalk radio host.

Her website can be viewed  by clicking


Gaia News

News from Reliable Sources that connect with Gaia.

Gaia Portal Update: Multiple Event Convergence as Gaia Releases                  By FatherMotherGod… –  11 November 2012

Multiple simultaneous portal openings occur at the 11-11. Such are aligned to initiate events intended to occur on separate timelines. However Gaia has requested convergence of all timelines as she releases past timeline structures and codes.

As of the 11-11-12 11:11, new Sol codes were transmitted into and throughout Gaia and all inhabitants. Codes to soften hardened one’s, soften ancient paradigm structures, for release.

Sol has engaged each and every human on this planet and will not release until decision point of 12-12-12. All receive these new codes, and soon will understand.

Old paradigms, timelines, and ancient structures have cracked, and dissolve with the new codes embedded in Gaia. This will continue until the 12-21-12.


Perspectives– Poof a group of Earth Angels

Today, the Angel Messages comes from the Group called Poof. 

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Fairy Farm Girl Music Selection

Eternal OM


Fairy Farm Girl Digest

This is an ezine dedicated to assist the Awakening of Humankind and the Ascension of Humanity and Earth-Gaia.

This Ezine is Freely offered as a Service to Others from our Heart to yours.

Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth are here to allow communications of Love and Light flow through Elizabeth and Fairy Farm Girl in Service to Humankind and Earth-Gaia.

This Ezine is for this purpose to assist in sharing ways in which to Expand Your Awareness. Leading each individual to new ways of looking at the world and thus, creating the New Earth through Light Flowing to Light. Light Expanding Light. All that is Light being filled with LOVE.

Contributions to this Ezine, Fairy Farm Girl Digest, through email: This is a non posting group. No comments will be approved. You are free to share provided that all work is credited to the channel, author, and/or artist. Thank you. We bless you with Love. — Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth


About Fairy Farm Girl

Fairy Farm Girl Digest This is an ezine dedicated to assist the Awakening of Humankind and the Ascension of Humanity and Earth-Gaia. This Ezine is Freely offered as a Service to Others from our Heart to yours. Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth are here to allow communications of Love and Light flow through Elizabeth and Fairy Farm Girl in Service to Humankind and Earth-Gaia. Elizabeth awakened as a child. She began soul braiding with Fairy at an early age. Today they work as one Being... yet each are present. Elizabeth is on a journey to fully understand the Human Story. Fairy is here to help her and through Elizabeth assist in the Earth-Gaia and all Life in Expanding Awareness. Through understanding our Story as Humans we expand our Awareness. We are here on Earth at this time, to assist in the Ascension of the Earth-Gaia, the Realms of Flora and Fauna and Humankind. Expansion of Awareness is something that happens when we move forward letting go of a paradigm. This happens on the personal level and radiates outward to affect all that is around that who is expanding their Awareness. This Ezine is for this purpose to assist in sharing ways in which to Expand Your Awareness. Leading each individual to new ways of looking at the world and thus, creating the New Earth through Light Flowing to Light. Light Expanding Light. All that is Light being filled with LOVE. Check out the Fairy Farm Girl Digest Services page by clicking on the Services tab at the top of the Ezine. Donations are joyfully received! Please comment on the articles! You are free to share provided that all work is credited to the channel, author, and/or artist. Thank you. We bless you with Love. -- Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth
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