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Today was Global Love Day, the beginning of Beltane, May Day (for Workers).  Today has been a rainy day here in my little corner of the world.  I bless you all with Love.

We have some new additions to Fairy Farm!  We were randomly selected to receive re-homed Guinea Pigs (unbeknownst to us!) as of April 26 2014.


guinea pig 1 We found orphaned guinea pigs on our front stoop this morning. No note. No cage, just guinea pigs in a tiny card board box.

The people who left them there did include an empty bowl and two chew sticks. We know nothing about guinea pigs.

So upon their discovery this morning which was a SHOCK to my poor husband when he lifted the lid of the box— we googled a green diet and care for Guinea Pigs.

guinea pig 2Thank Goodness they eat nearly the same fruits, veggies and grains as we do. We found a larger box to enclose them in and shredded some old magazines for their bedding. The Green Care and Feeding of Guinea Pigs said to put  pail or flower pots for sleeping.

When we are able we will upgrade them to clay pots and some bricks to climb on and a little ball to push around. For now they like to move around their food bowl. They sang to us after a meal of carrots, celery, flax seed and wheat cereal and orange slices.

guinea pig 3My daughters named them Daisy and Daffodil.

Thank goodness their main source of food is hay grass which is easy enough to grow for them.

We went to our local Public Library and took out all the books on the care and feeding of Guinea Pigs.

In one of the books, the author stressed the importance of determining the gender of your guinea pigs– for obvious reasons.

So, I checked and discovered that our Daisy and Daffodil are indeed male– yes, we named boy guinea pigs girl names.

The names have stuck and the children steadfastly refuse to rename their now adopted re-homed orphan guinea pigs.  Boys you are named Daisy and Daffodil for the duration of your lives with us.

Daisy and Daffodil love to eat fresh grass. They also love dandelion greens and flowers.  We forage for fresh grass daily.  They also love carrots.  They eat at least 1 carrot each a day.  Daily we hand feed them a slice of orange.

My daughters have taken to reading to the Guinea Pigs from their story books.   While they are reading, Daisy and Daffodil will look at them listening.


ON May 1, Beltane and the Day of Love, in the pouring rain, I foraged for fresh grass for Daisy and Daffodil.  I found some lovely long wildly growing hay grass at the edge of a small wood.

The air was full of the scents of early spring.  The small trees are beginning to blossom.  The Dandelions are popping up, spreading their beautiful sunny cheer.  The birds are singing in their newly built nests.

The Peacefulness of being in Nature cultivates Peace within and Throughout.  It is this connection to the Earth that is so very much needed for all people.  Through a connection of Love, all the things that are so very Contrary  to Life, would be impossible.  Love creates unity.

I spend my Beltane being in Nature.  Communing with the Return of Mother Earth-Gaia’s beautiful vestiges.  I deeply connect with Love.  Love for mySelf and through this Love, I connect with Loving Others– I bless all of Humankind and Nature with Love.


Love, instills,  PROPELS one to do what they must do to uphold and nurture Natural Natural BridgeBeauty within the Self and everywhere one goes.

Where you Plant trees , Love Grows.  We are all of the same race:  The Human Race.  We are the body of Humankind.  We reside on Planet Earth.  It is our Home.  We will restore Earth and in doing so we restore ourselves.  We are worth Saving!

Humankind will rally and begin to Mutually Cooperate and Emancipate Humankind in this century and the next.  We will begin to take care of our Planet, shifting away from Petroleum Based Economies.  We must to save our Human world.  To do this, we must unite first within our own Self and then with others– a cascading effect of change– toward Mutual Cooperation.

we are all one

We are all One Race– the Human Race

Those that deny their own kind, their own Humankind, losing faith in themselves, must open their eyes and See– They are the Ones they have been Waiting for.  It is not some other race from somewhere else– NO!   Itt is up to us, the Human Race, Humankind to save ourselves.  We must do this.

Let us begin by cultivating LOVE for our own Self and radiate outward this Love.  Love with a capital L.  This is no faint hearted woo woo love, this LOVE sung in Baritone and Soprano and all manner in between– and it means presence.  The Presence of LOVE.

It is time to cease to see ourselves not as this tribe or that tribe, this nationality or that nationality– this culture or that culture– It is time to see ourselves as part of the Human Race– one body of Humankind.

Earth without borders

Where there is Presence of LOVE there is KNOWLEDGE which is always within– every Human Being on this Earth.  KNOWLEDGE with a capital K.  This is the Grace that flows from each of us when we are in connection to our Highest Self– Knowledge.  The Holy Spirit of the Human Heart and Mind.  It is of big G– yes the Big GOD.

Natural BridgeBeltane for me, has been and always will be, a celebration of my innate connection to Mother Earth Gaia and Love.  It is Love that has nurtured the human race– and all life on this planet.  Nature– the outward appearance of Mother Earth-Gaia and Love.  Every breath I take is filled with this unquantifiable LOVE.

Let us Breathe Love for ourSelves.  Let us Breath Love for Nature.  Let us Breath Love for Humankind– all of Humanity.  Let us all Love ourselves free.

If you feel that inner nudge– a greater longing for a deeper connection to something that you can not name– consider this.  Knowledge is within you.  Love yourself.  Explore new ways to cultivate deeper connection and meaning in your life.

Blessings and Gratitude–Elizabeth



















About Fairy Farm Girl

Fairy Farm Girl Digest This is an ezine dedicated to assist the Awakening of Humankind and the Ascension of Humanity and Earth-Gaia. This Ezine is Freely offered as a Service to Others from our Heart to yours. Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth are here to allow communications of Love and Light flow through Elizabeth and Fairy Farm Girl in Service to Humankind and Earth-Gaia. Elizabeth awakened as a child. She began soul braiding with Fairy at an early age. Today they work as one Being... yet each are present. Elizabeth is on a journey to fully understand the Human Story. Fairy is here to help her and through Elizabeth assist in the Earth-Gaia and all Life in Expanding Awareness. Through understanding our Story as Humans we expand our Awareness. We are here on Earth at this time, to assist in the Ascension of the Earth-Gaia, the Realms of Flora and Fauna and Humankind. Expansion of Awareness is something that happens when we move forward letting go of a paradigm. This happens on the personal level and radiates outward to affect all that is around that who is expanding their Awareness. This Ezine is for this purpose to assist in sharing ways in which to Expand Your Awareness. Leading each individual to new ways of looking at the world and thus, creating the New Earth through Light Flowing to Light. Light Expanding Light. All that is Light being filled with LOVE. Check out the Fairy Farm Girl Digest Services page by clicking on the Services tab at the top of the Ezine. Donations are joyfully received! Please comment on the articles! You are free to share provided that all work is credited to the channel, author, and/or artist. Thank you. We bless you with Love. -- Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth
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