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Fairy Farm Girl Digest This is an ezine dedicated to assist the Awakening of Humankind and the Ascension of Humanity and Earth-Gaia. This Ezine is Freely offered as a Service to Others from our Heart to yours. Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth are here to allow communications of Love and Light flow through Elizabeth and Fairy Farm Girl in Service to Humankind and Earth-Gaia. Elizabeth awakened as a child. She began soul braiding with Fairy at an early age. Today they work as one Being... yet each are present. Elizabeth is on a journey to fully understand the Human Story. Fairy is here to help her and through Elizabeth assist in the Earth-Gaia and all Life in Expanding Awareness. Through understanding our Story as Humans we expand our Awareness. We are here on Earth at this time, to assist in the Ascension of the Earth-Gaia, the Realms of Flora and Fauna and Humankind. Expansion of Awareness is something that happens when we move forward letting go of a paradigm. This happens on the personal level and radiates outward to affect all that is around that who is expanding their Awareness. This Ezine is for this purpose to assist in sharing ways in which to Expand Your Awareness. Leading each individual to new ways of looking at the world and thus, creating the New Earth through Light Flowing to Light. Light Expanding Light. All that is Light being filled with LOVE. Check out the Fairy Farm Girl Digest Services page by clicking on the Services tab at the top of the Ezine. Donations are joyfully received! Please comment on the articles! You are free to share provided that all work is credited to the channel, author, and/or artist. Thank you. We bless you with Love. -- Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth

Happy March Equinox

The Equinox has arrived for the Earth.  The wheel of life moves once again to a new season.  The Seasons of Life mark the time and changes on Earth. There have been quite of few changes happening on our Earth, … Continue reading

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Love More

Blessings and Good Greetings, Dear Ones– It has been a long time since Elizabeth has agreed to write our message.  She has been in a place of learning, teaching and walking her talk and great concentration to stay on her … Continue reading

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Chakras and the Tree of Life

This gallery contains 3 photos.

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Abundance without Ecocide

o many new technologies from low tech to high tech are making big splashes in the Human World. Let us support the innovators, inventors, artists and free thinkers. Let us embrace the principles of GMO Free, Permaculture, Organic Gardening, Harmonious Stewardship of land, Land Trusts if large swaths of land of a minimum of 5420 acres to Millions of Acres. Let us uplift and preserve the land around us. Let us create gardens on roofs, in abandoned tunnels, on verandas, vertically on walls, in our front yards, backyards, in empty lots.. Continue reading

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Practice Makes Progress

Elizabeth Speaks Good Greetings All: I have been on a long sabbatical putting into practice that which has flowed through me.  Fairy has guided me in my daily life. At times I will speak.  And at other times, Fairy will … Continue reading

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The In-Between-Ness

Elizabeth  and Fairy Speaks I have been on sabbatical for 2 years.  During this time, I have experience an Expansion of Awareness.  It has been challenging and painful. My work is to live my Truth.  Walking the talk is more … Continue reading

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Standing Women for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I bless All with Love! — Elizabeth Standing Women   Mother’s of the World Join with the Standing Women at 1 pm on Mother’s Day wherever you stand for 5 minutes of Intentional Stillness.

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  Elizabeth Speaks Today was Global Love Day, the beginning of Beltane, May Day (for Workers).  Today has been a rainy day here in my little corner of the world.  I bless you all with Love. We have some new … Continue reading

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Ascension Symptoms

~Why should we tolerate a diet of weak poisons, a home in insipid surroundings, a circle of acquaintances who are not quite our enemies, the noise of motors with just enough relief to prevent insanity? Who would want to live … Continue reading

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Rebirth, Renewal, Redemption: The Return of Spring

~ Happy Oestara, Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Earth Day!  OH MY what a busy time this Mid April is in the World.  There is so much going on!  The Cosmos is in all kinds of alignments.  Peruse a favorite … Continue reading

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