Milestone Awareness


EquinoxHappy March Equinox!!

Happy Spring to those in the North.  Happy Autumn (or Rainy Season) to those who live in the South!

Exciting Times!

There are two equinoxes every year  in March and in September.  The Equinox is when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is just about equal.

The seasons are opposite on either side of the equator.  The Equinox in the North is known as  known as the Spring Equinox.

The March Equinox in the South is the Autumn Equinox.

Today, rain is predicted here in the Northeast of the USA where I reside.

It may rain… or not… wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.  Usually on March 20, the Spring

Equinox, where I live, it snows.   So, today as it is cloudy and rain as is predicted, I am in awe it is not snowing! 

The March Equinox in the North is considered the First Day of Spring.


Today, as I was walking I noticed trees starting to bud out into tree blossoms.  The Leaves of the trees will start to appear in April.  It was an exciting moment that I captured in the tree picture above!

Since November 2013 until very recently around the last week in February 2014,  the Fairy Farm Community of 5 have had our fair share of roller-coaster rides, surfing the changing energies and go-ing through Expansion of Awareness.

Expansion of Awareness is not a fou-fou easy peasey type of experience:  EVER. 

It requires one to go through pain, living life reviews, and forgiveness-letting go personal work.  Forgiveness work that has been on the menu du jour is SELF- Forgiveness.

The Funk that comes from past life stuff that comes up in packets of pain– has to be let go of, set aside and walked away from.  Forgiveness of the SELF takes work– the work is to LOVE yourSELF exquisitely.  This means, for me, and maybe you, dear reader, we have had to drop the scathing self -criticism, self-recrimination, self-doubt, self-destruction, self-dislike,  low self-esteem~~ and ect.

It has not been an easy gauntlet to go through.  This is the only way to the other side of the corridor– to walk through it through letting go and self-forgiveness.

Ruminating over the past, and past lives is like walking in circles and wondering why the same closed door keeps coming up with each rotation of rumination.

This is not the time for reliving the past, but to go through it, and in the process with the help of our Angels and Higher Selves to transmute these packets of pain that no longer serve the self, Earth-Gaia and/or the Cosmos.

And all around us the Earth-Gaia and the Realms of Flora and Fauna, the life around us continues in all its beauty.

March Equinox 2008

Milestone Awareness

Some are calling the  the March Equinox a gateway or portal that all of Earth-Gaia and her inhabitants are passing through.

My experience has been that what many are experiencing (including me) is the moment Growth is acknowledged.  We are seeing the effects of our own inner-Expansion of Awareness, growth.  This is called a Milestone Awareness.

Just as when a child grows, this growth is often unacknowledged until the growth spurt is over and suddenly it is seen that the child is taller, wiser more capable and mature.  The process of growth is ongoing but undetected until a milestone is surpassed.

While a child is growing, they eat, sleep more.  The child will trip over their own feet.   A crankiness might develop.

This is part of growth. 

I am seeing this process in my own experiences with every Expansion of Awareness I have gone through.  I trip and fall.  I get cranky and moody.  I crave certain foods which I eat lots of.  I need more sleep.  I am in a process of Growing.

And then one day like any other day, I see the evidence of my inner Growth– my Expansion of Awareness.

It is not something that just suddenly happens like Shazaam! I am an Avatar… (Laughing)!

It is a process of evolution individual and collective that is occurring and has been occurring for quite sometime.  What is being detected is the Collective Growth that has occurred and is now here and installed in our Inner Be-ing-ness.

We are the ones who have grown and now see this!  This is what I consider the Gateway, the portal!

The bittersweet moment when we suddenly stand up and take our first steps into the New Paradigm which we are all co-creating with each other and the Angels, Cosmos, God(dess) and more.  This is what is happening.

It is time for some celebration!

I am reminded of the moment when each of my children took their first steps!  I was so full of wonder and lawe and had a camera available for the moments after the milestone had passed– and the new gig was mastering walking as a mode of movement.

We (Humankind) are in the process of moving from walking to transpersonal modes of transportation.  We have reached a milestone.  The Milestone is now in the process of each of us moving into mastery.

This is the Great Mystery we are all traversing.  This amazing evolution we are privy to– and perceive when milestones are reached.  I am so excited and happy to travel and walk beside you, dear reader and all people walking this path I traverse.

The opportunity that comes from this milestone that we are now mastering is greater ease with conscious co-creation.

Dream consciously into form that which you wish to experience.  This will become easier as we practice this new ability.

When fears come up, let it go, and consciously choose to dream a Rainbow dream of  Joy, Love, Prosperity and  Peace and community.  Play with this and see what happens.  I know I am.

Happy March Equinox— the Change of Seasons is upon us all.

I Bless all with Love.  —Elizabeth


Flower of Life



Fairy Farm GirlFairy Farm Girl Speaks

Pain has kept Humankind individually and collectively chained, shackled and corded for at least 2 Epochs.

In order for Humankind ~ individually and collectively move into full on co-creation of the New Earth Love Paradigm, pain has to be let go of, forgiven, transmuted (by your request and call to the Angels and Higher Selves).  This is the only way.

Pain impedes growth.  Informational Pain such as when you touch something hot is to alert the body to impeding danger and to get one away from danger.  This is a body defense mechanism and very important for individual and human species survival.     This is not the pain we speak of.

The Pain we speak of is torturous emotional, physical and psychological pain that has kept Humankind from accessing the Angelic Human codes.  This pain slows down frequency and distracts one from focusing on Love.  This pain is closely tied with FEAR.  The Old Earth FEAR Paradigm requires pain in order to fuel the negative vortexes that largely power reality perception.  Pain creates war– paradoxically war is often started to escape pain and its foundation of FEAR.

It is time, beloved ones of the Earth– all of Humankind is invited, to let go of Pain and go through the corridor to the new doors that are open to the New Earth Love Paradigm.  There is room enough for all people who wish to move into a space of Love.  LOVE and its attributes of Oneness or Unity Consciousness.  This is what the Christ spoke of through Jesus.  This is what Christ Consciousness is about.

You can do this.  We welcome you with our Loving Embrace.  You will get there as you move through your pain.  And with all things– how long it takes is how long it takes.

We leave you with this meditation.

You are packing up for a trip to somewhere beautiful.  This somewhere you have never been to before in Human Embodiment.  You vaguely remember this beauty from somewhere before the before.

A_single_white_feather_closeupThe packing up you are doing is packing up stuff to leave behind.  The pain, the fear memories and emotions.  The items that cause you to be taken back to pain.  All of this goes into the suitcases which you will leave behind with the Angel that has arrived at you side when you decided to pack up and let go.

You just noticed the Angel– like a child that is playing and very focused suddenly notices a loving parent standing watch over them~~

While you are packing up you realize you feel a lot of guilt over the pain you have caused yourSelf and others.  You hear in a whisper as if the air is speaking to you,

Let it go.  Forgive yourSelf.  Love yourSelf  Exquisitely.  Go Through and leave this here with me– your Angel.

So, in this baggage pile you place guilt and all of its attributes of pain and fear.  You just place it in the suitcase to be handed off to the Angel.  You do not need it anymore.  It is time to let go.  You find yourself agreeing with this knowing.  It is simply time to let go and forgive yourSelf.  And you find yourself doing so using the methods that are familiar to you– the ways that work for you.

This continues for awhile.  Then you find your body is tired.  You feel you can not take another step.  You understand that it is time to rest.  You thank your Angel.  Hand the baggage to the Angel.

Then,  at the earliest moment you have you go to sleep and rest.

When you awaken you find that the pain that you had been used to living with in your body is gone.  In its place is space and with each awakening breath, you breathe in Love.  It feels expansive and good– freeing like you are a child running with wild abandon.

And as you go about your new day, you discover more that must be given away to the Angel.  You know that this process is supported and sacred work.  You know that there is an end in sight– a new door and adventure awaits at the end of this corridor.

Let it go.  Forgive yourSelf.  Love yourSelf Exquisitely.  Go Through and leave this here with me– your Angel.

We bless you with Love.  —Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth


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Blessed Imbolc and Brigid


The Path

Elizabeth Speaks

Blessed Imbolc  or Candlemas is at last the promise of Springtime. Imbolc means ‘to be pregnant with’

It is felt as a quickening in the air.  The feeling that life is stirring and beginning its ascent upwards through the dark dirt upwards and toward and into the LoveLight of Solaris Sun and Mother Earth-Gaia.

The birds are singing– at least the ones that winter over.  The smallest buds are beginning to appear on the trees and shrubs.   The gardens and crops sown in the autumn are to grow stirring in germination.

The days are growing warmer in larger lengths of time.  The days are becoming longer. Winter is still in full swing and yet the promise of Springtime is beginning to show.  The air is scented with the sweetness of  the promise of growth.

green and gold yin and yang antique buttonGreen and Gold are the colors of Imbolc.  Green and Gold represent Goddess and God, male and female aspects required for most co-creation.  It is a time to join with loved ones and friends to celebrate new life growing.

Imbolc :  Spring cleaning. Rework an altar. Rearrange a collection.  Make some prayer cards. Make some intentions. Celebrate life. Write poems and song. Recite poetry and sing.  Enjoy Being. Light candles or fires. Make green leafy creamy soups with bread or salads. Take walks. Just be.

Brigid is the patron Goddess of Cultivation, inspiration, and poetry. She is the daughter of the Bard of all Bards. In many traditions Brigid is called Bree and is the Bardic Goddess. This was a very sacred role and task in ancient times. Bards were the keepers of knowledge, culture, stories, history. The sowed the seeds of civilization and nurtured it forth.

In other traditions she is the archetypal Bride representing the germination and growth of new life.

And yet in others she is considered to be an aspects the Great Goddess.  This is celebration of the feminine aspect  of the psyche.

Imbolc marks the halfway point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  It is time to celebrate what is being co-created.

In my family, we celebrate Imbolc by cleaning and sharing food. Taking walks and allowing inspiration to flow to us. Singing songs from our Hearts. We take time to breathe life into our dreams. And blessing. We Celebrate life.

I bless you and All with Love. Let your intentions take root as co-creation and allow it to blossom forth as new life in your life– new life patterns, experiences, prosperity.

Happy Imbolc to you.  –Elizabeth

Elizabeth-Fairy Farm Girl

Spring 2012   the yellow house yard, Seabrook, NH, Elizabeth and dandelion and violet


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Riding the Wild


Elizabeth Speaks

For the past 7 days I have been Called to Purpose.  Many are being called.  Many are answering.

I have been in a place of introspection and calm, despite the stuff that is going on around me.

The time is now to Let your LOVELight shine on.  We are all being called to purpose.  Feel the Joy in the Air.  This Joy is encoded in the Solar Energy flowing to the Earth .  This time is key as a moment of opportunity.

Lots of Gunk and Junk are going to be flowing up and out.  People that are having their First Expansion of Awareness are going to be having Meltdowns.  Their wounds will invite negative greetings.  Their negative state will attract equally negative states.  We are called to purpose to simply BE who we are full of LOVELight.  Calming influence.  Soothing Solace to over reactions.  This is not something to do rather something to be.

The Truth is this, we can never go back.  So what happened in the past — Has come to pass.  

I choose to co-create with LoveLight.  It is not easy.  It is the High Road– so the going is steep, it is like Riding the Wild. But, the View is Spectacular, truly.

So this is a time to simply go within.  To pray, intend, chant, perform ritual, take shower/baths, walk in the woods,  Blessings, Mantras, watch funny movies, read funny books, Ho’Opponopono… do whatever you do to keep yourself rooted in a space of LoveLight.  When confronted with animosity, anger, malice, hatred… Be aware of your own response.

We must forgive to move forward and create goodness in the world by liberating ourSelves through Loving More and Creating Miracles.

Feel your wounds.  Tend to them with care for in healing ourSelves we create a pathway for others to heal their own Self.  Dig deep down into your HEART and breath deeply.

green gaia heartHaul out your tools of Compassionate Speech, Conflict Resolution, Intention and put them to work.

If need be, remove yourself from the immediate area and simply be who your are beaming LOVELight.  It is well known our influence ranges quite a wide radius.

In my experience, our range is determined by our ability to Love More and Expect Miracles focus.  Some it is more and some it less.  And for all it is perfect what ever your range is.  What matters is you are staying rooted in your HEART.


“This is the way of peace–overcome evil with good,
and falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.”                  
–Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim, Chapter 3.



Surface Earth life has been extremely challenging.  Cold weather, physical plant failures, flooding, sickness, financial hardship/scarcity, delays,  Energy Upgrades and more.  And– out in the world, more of the same.

Some positive moment is happening.  Patience is a virtue, or so I am reminded by Fairy Farm Girl.

Clarity is outcome of this.  Clarity of who is creating what.  Clarity that the Collective Consciousness is still trying to be linked to the Negative Grid.  Clarity that without us all coming together, the shift to the New Earth-LoveLight paradigm will take longer and the experience of getting there more challenging, exhausting, and time consuming.  Clarity that I am now more than ever able to co-create outcomes I wish to experience.

Clarity also came in the form of new groups of people working together in an organic grass roots level way– ways that the News Media is not covering but local newspapers and blogs and YouTube videos are.

So change is here.  The New Earth is here.  It is just coming in fits and starts and not every place is connected to the grid.

In the past, Earth Angels and Fairy-Gaians were compelled to live in areas where they stood out– not many were “like”  us.   Many of us are still living in these areas.  That is why we have been Called To Purpose.  This protects us as well as providing a soothing Energy Environment– call us People Whisperers much like Horse Whisperers.

That time is now over.  We are free to move.

The time is now to get up and move to a location or co-create a location for others to move to.  Now is the time for community building on Surface Earth.  Community in real time, with real people in physical proximity to each other.  This means if you feel like moving, follow your Intuition.   We are no longer compelled or expected to stay in war zones (declared or undeclared).   If you feel the intuitive jingle to move, plan it out.

Really Look before leaping.

  Do your research and due diligence.  Scope it out.  Take stock.  Be Aware.  And get into a space of Clarity.  Get Real.  Seeing things as they are is part of clarity.

Yes, all people are Sparks of God/Goddess, but they do not always act on this and many are unaware of this.  Feel and Intuit Frequency and Vibration that is in resonance or above your Frequency.  When you reach out with your HEART, you will connect with Energies that are in harmony to you and/or are more Harmony than you are– connecting with this raises you up adding to your Harmony and Frequency.  Feel the sound of Love in your HEART.  Peace On in your HEART.  Love More and Expect Miracles.

We are no longer to “hold space” for others.  We are to instead lead by example.

We are Now called to purpose to be in harmony with others of likeness.  No more saving the world, it is now Co-Creating the world and offering a helping hand when asked to do so.

I bless you with Love. — Elizabeth



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Happy New Year


Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse




Elizabeth Speaks

Happy New Year to All!  Out with 2013 and in with 2014.  Let this New Year be full of Joy and Prosperity, Understanding and Forgiveness,  Love and Light,  Focus and Creativity.  I Bless you with Love.  –Elizabeth



Fairy Farm GirlFairy Farm Girl Message

Focus on what you wish to bring forth with all the Love in your Heart.  Breathe it into Being.

Laugh with Joy.  Greet the World with Mirth.  All is well.

We wish you to Love More and Expect Miracles!  The Miracle is you!

The Love is in your Heart ever present spark of God(dess), Source Energy.  Know your own HEART.

2014Happy New Day, of a New Calender Year.  Time is Timeless truly– And for the moments that are counted Happy New Year to All!

The Year is as you make it.  Join with others:  Individuals and People (known and unknown), Angels, Fairy People, Galactics, Mother Earth Gaia, Emissaries of LoveLight, Angelic Humans to co-create your Life.  We are ever present and available to assist you.  Be willing to ask for assistance and ever more willing to receive.

Trust 2TRUST is a key word for this new year.

Trust in your focus and HEART to create.   Trust is  knowing the sun will rise every morning and set every evening. Trust is the Gravity that creates the anchoring and flow of creation. 

Just as where there is no Gravity, all floats away, similarly, where there is doubt the energy of creation floats off into the universe never anchoring into form.

TRUST is a challenging state of being for most of humankind. 

Humankind has been in illusion for so long, and tricked into believing they have no ability to create, and that creation comes from outside of themselves.  So in this unfamiliarity they let others create for them– others who they perceived to be stronger, better, more cunning.  And thus, over time that trust in their own self has become unfamiliar.

Become familiar with TRUST in your own HEART and Focus of Mind

1. Begin by saying the word, TRUST.  Just say the word.  See how it feels.  For some you may not be able to say the word at first.  You may feel  in the body.  There may be a tightening, pain in the body perceived.  Take this pain, this tightening in your body as information.. something must be attended to, released, forgiven, understood, let go, accepted… one or all of this may apply.  Work with your body to become familiar with TRUST.  Work with your mind to accept the concept of TRUST.

2. Look in around you and notice when you are in a state of TRUST– a knowing.  Gaze at the Sunrise, Sunset, the fact you are walking on the surface Earth and not floating away, the air you breathe in; life giving oxygen, the processes or your body (digestion, circulation, immune system, respiration), your senses (touch, smell, hearing, sight, taste, knowing).  Take notice of this and other moments when you TRUST.

3.  Now Expand TRUST into and with and when you focus your HEART and Mind to co-create a creation.  Trust and know what you are focusing with your HEART and Mind will show up in your life, in perfect timing for you and your life.

Practice makes progress.  T r u s t

We Love you all.  We bless you and All with Love.  Love More and Expect Miracles.   Happy New Year  to each of you!     —Fairy Farm Girl

fairy farm girl

I leave you  with a slide show of images.  Happy New Year!  Let it be a great year!  —Elizabeth

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Merry Christmas Season : Introspection

Dec 2013 Fence Maine

December 2013 At the old Homestead in Maine


Merry Christmas Season!

Fairy Farm Girl and Elizabeth are on a journey of introspection.We bless you with Love! Love More and Expect Miracles. We will return in the New Year!  —Fairy and Elizabeth


fairy farm girl

We leave you with a Gallery of  Winter Images


Music Selection:  All I Want For Christmas

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Happy Winter Solstice


EquinoxElizabeth Speaks:

Good Greetings to All:

The Winter Solstice is upon us all in the Northern Hemisphere.   This marks the beginning of the Season for the Days to become longer.

Here where I live it has been getting dark at nearly 4 pm.  I welcome the return of the Sun… the days becoming longer and the return of Spring.  This is a cycle.  The cycle is awaited with faith.  The cycle of Seasons.  For every season  there is a time.

It has been a very long time since I last wrote a Fairy Farm Girl Digest article.   Life has been very turbulent and challenging.  Lots of cycles coming full circle.  Lots of opportunities to let go and Live my Truth.

There has been much said about Fukishima.  The radiation that is being leaked from this nuclear power plant has some worried, and others say no worries. 

I have spent time for several years now communicating with Fairy and the Fairy Realm and the Team Angelics.  There is reason to be concerned and at the same time calm.

We are entering a transitional phase in our creating the New Earth.  This some are calling the “Chaotic Node.”   There are Celestial Alignments, along with “comet(s)” seeding (scientists call it debris) and the Solaris-Sun solar flares/star gate activation/and Benevolent LoveLight Galactic presences– all along with the Earth-Gaia transforming herself through her own process of release and creating as well as the Human Body upgrading, and the many expressions of Expansion of Awareness as well as polarity are creating some interesting outcomes and physical manifestations.

We as a People of Earth– only 11% of us need to focus on this and to create the shift toward Surface Earth restoration through the rendering of toxins and radiation from Fukishima and Nuclear Testing as well as other Nuclear Power Plant accidents harmless.

Yes, that is right.  We have the ability to render radiation harmless.  We are able to create this affect by focusing our Hearts and Minds on rendering the toxins and radiation harmless.  New Technologies will be created through others following their Inner Wisdom and Knowledge seeded by the prayers and intentions of  Humankind.  Those that are Energy Workers connect with the Devic Realm– the Fairy Realm and co-create with them.

How to do this?  Ask and Ye Shall ReceiveKnock and Ye Shall be Answered.  This takes focus through Blessings/ Prayer or Intention or Visualization or Ritual or Song/Toning or Inspired Action/Creation.  It has been done before and can be done again and will be done by We, the People of Surface Earth.

How long will it take?  It will take some time.  The Fairy Realm has said to me “It will take as long as it takes and all will be well.”    When I have pressed them to be more detailed and specific, they have answered: ” Earth-Gaia is very capable of healing herself.  This is your lesson, your mess to co-create a clean up with us, the Fairy Realm and them, the Team Angelics”

The toxins (think oil spills, chemical spills, chemical warfare)  and Radiation (think Nuclear Energy and Weapons use)  is something that affects Surface Earth and Humankind as well as to a certain extent the Realms of Flora and Fauna.  It is advisable to eat low on the food chain. The less complex the organism, the less it has been contaminated.

Eat a diet high in vitamin B’s and C’s.   And above all else follow your Inner Wisdom and Knowledge.

flower of lifeThis time we are in is like the Final Exam in the midst of Chaos.  What we do, how we Rise to our Greatness will determine the trajectory of each of our chosen paths.  We can and will Rise to Our Own Greatness which is individual and Collective.  We are each like a drop in the vast ocean of infinite drops all part of the Flower of Life.

Happy Solstice! I bless you all with Love.  –Fairy and Elizabeth


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Happy Samhain and Halloween




Elizabeth Speaks:

Good Greetings Friends and Readers!

It has been an interesting time since I last posted!  Life is definitely in a Mercury Retrograde that is for sure.

I have been a bit displaced.  My computer is AWOL being borrowed by a dear one that is away.

The free computers have been busy.

I have had near misses with traffic accidents.  I have had near misses with weird accidents.

Due to construction I am not  able to access my road that I live on for at least 10 hours a day.

Outer life has been delayed, re-routed, in a holding pattern, spending time in a layover and more.  Through it all I have kept a sense of humor and buried myself in funny fiction books.  A good read lets one pass time as one is waiting.

And I have been waiting.  Waiting in line, waiting for my turn, waiting for time to pass at cafes, libraries, in my car, on park benches.  Waiting has been the theme.  While I have been physically waiting, I have been Expanding in Awareness.  I am at a different inner place in my HEART and Beingness than I was a week ago.  It is impossible to explain.  Music tells a greater story and I can with words.

bookSo, while I have been waiting, I have been waiting in cafes and coffee shops.  Slooooowly drinking a cup of coffee or tea or eating a pastry with great restraint and slowness that would even out do my youngest child who takes 1 hour after everyone has finished eating to finish eating.  While reading ,the patrons sitting around me and the servers give me weird looks because I am reading actual books. 

These past weeks I have had many people come up to me to ask me the following as I sit immersed in a funny fiction book:

  1. Stranger: What are you doing?  Me:  Uhmmm reading.  I say with a wry smile.
  2. Stranger:  Is that a real Book?  Me:  Uhmmm Yes!  I say laughing.
  3. Stranger:  Why are you reading?  Who has time to read?  Where did you get that book?  Me:  I love to read.  I am currently not online very much.  At the library.  Reading is fun! I bless  your Heart!
  4. StrangerIt is so wonderful to see someone reading a book!  Me:  I read books all the time.  I love books. 
  5. Stranger:  Are you laughing at me or at that book?  Is something funny?  Me:  Yes.  It is a funny book.  No, I am not laughing at you.  I bless your Heart.

So, the consensus is among those who have interacted with me that books are obsolete.  Why would anyone  read anymore.  And laughing in public while sitting alone is weird.

I must say, I can not stop laughing!  If I am to get through this time where there is much opportunity for conflict I must decline the invitations to conflict (well most of them) and dig out the attributes of Saturian-Aquarian Mirth.  Laughing is good fun and makes life more bearable while one is waiting.


happy Halloween/Happy SamhainSo, here I am on Samhain Day, contemplating Happy Halloween and basking in the contemplation of this beautiful new Celtic Year– the Wheel has turned.



Samhain Eve this year will be understated.  I am tired from all the displacement to do much of any celebration.  This tiredness is shared by many.  From my correspondence online there are many who are tired.  From my friends in real time, tiredness is a theme.  Coffee for many has become the only way to make it through dinner and bedtime.

On Halloween-Samhain, after a very energetic afternoon and early evening of escorting my own little Witch, Vampire, and Peacock  through the town and much Samhain Merry Making and  candy taking, I, Celtic Queen Fairy Farm Girl in my one purple dress,  will speak to those who have come before me.

Light some incense. Burn a candle.  Say some prayers/intentions. Remember those who have lived and loved before you.  Remember your Heroes and celebrate their Humanity.  We are all part of the same Race, the Human Race.

On this day, every year I marvel at all I  have survived and embrace the New Season that is beginning.

I have been keeping track of the Solar Flare activity… the week of October 31, 2013 I looked at the data it was at 30 Solar Flares in just this month, let alone the other Celestial Alignments.

~Recently and thankfully, here in the states, where I reside, the Government Shutdown has ended.  Change is happening.  What that change will look like is up to our collective Hearts and Minds and Will.

Although, now, all the Service to Self/Negative/Fear fringe groups have been given carte blanche by the actions of few in the USA Congress to come out into the open and make mischief.

There are all kinds of  ideas that are bubbling up from the collective consciousness to be reviewed and transmuted.

It is best to try to avoid becoming emotionally involved with stuff that you do not want in your reality.  This is easier said than done.  I have to work at it.

Since, I am a human being when I get bogged down, I realized it and self correct.  You can too.  Self correct and Forgive when you get overwhelmed by the negativity and act out by shouting and making arguments.  When you come to your senses:  apologize, self correct and let it go.

In real time, this happens through systems– the rule of law being tested, changed, and upheld.  This is the time to send Love and Light through the vote of your HEART and Mind of focus to empowering the Vortexes of Love that are now gaining speed and starting to dissolve the old Earth vortexes.

It will take time.

The process can be enhanced and empowered to speed up the process through Love.  Love yourSelf and your neighbor.  Be kind.  Let it go and forgive.  This is how we are all birthing the New Earth through each of our Hearts and Conscious Minds.  One does not have to be aware of metaphysics or mystics to do this.

Simply Live with Love and Kindness as your way and means to living.  Love More and Expect Miracles

Recently,an astrologer wrote that this most recent Celestial Alignment was like it was in 1995. This does not mean we will revert to 1995 behavior and Belief Systems, but the celestial alignment is again similar.

Well, I am not going back to 1995.  My life is vastly different that it was then.  I have grown from a Maid to a Mother and am fast approaching Crone.  So, I have no desire to relive my roaring 20’s with all its angst and difficulty. These are my thoughts of that period in my life.  I can barely remember my life in the year of 1995.  It was a long time ago for me, and I have done a lot of living and Expanding of Awareness.  One can never go back, only forward.

mirrorI encourage you, dear friends and readers, to meet yourSelf in all its beauty and accept the stuff you did/experienced way back when and let it go.  The next destination is a no luggage train.  Thus, come as you are in the glory that you are as the Sovereign Human that you are in the process of consciously connecting to.

I am in the leaving-the-last-bit-of-luggage phase now.  It helps that my memory of the past– as I transmute stuff simply fades.  This is what is meant by timeline healing.  The Healing is returning yourSelf to a place of Love and letting go.  In doing so, the past realigns to your new trajectory.  It is a process of Sacred Geometry that I will leave to the Sacred Mathematicians.

There are all kinds of ways to let it go.  Letting Go is the same as forgiving.  Forgiveness releases you from holding on to the junk-goo and transmuting the emotional charges into neutral love.

I Love (insert name (s), experience or place).

I am sorry for (insert name (s), experience or place)

Please Forgive me (insert name (s), experience or place)

Thank you.  I am so happy and grateful now that I have forgiven this (insert name (s), experience or place) that happened in my life.

I bless mySelf with Love.  I am Love.

I bless you all with Love.  Happy Samhain!  Happy Halloween! — Elizabeth



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Inter-connectivity and Love

elElizabeth Speaks

Today, as I sat waiting for a place to open in real time, I watched a beautiful scene unfold.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere of the Northeast part of the USA it is Autumn.  Autumn is also know as Fall.  It is called Fall because it is the time of year when, fruit falls from the tree, nuts fall from the tree, and leaves fall from trees.  Fall as in Falling.

Apple TreeI like to call this time of year, Autumn.  Such a lovely word, Autumn.  It conjures up memories within my HEART of picking up apples, and picking apples– of pumpkins ripening– of leaves falling to the ground and as a child the hundreds of canning jars of apple sauce, apple butter, stewed apples, apple jelly, apple compote.  Apples play a prominent role in my feeling of Joy in this season.

Today, a day like any other day, I watched a Beautiful scene unfold.  The wind began to pick up.  I heard acorns and pine cones clink and clatter against the roof of my car, in a sort of gentle toss to the ground from squirrels and the wind.

I was just watching the sky through my sunroof window… while waiting for a place to open… when the sailing of leaf across the way caught my eye and attention.

I sat transfixed with wonder and awe as the wind caught the leaves of the tree, and and the branches shook gently as if a tiny bell being rung– and the leaves began to fall– they fell in spirals and pirouettes, they fell in a pattern that felt like a Flower of Life.  The leaves fell to the ground to the feet of the roots of the tree.

Each leaf is like a little mother.  Each leaf through the spring and summer and autumn, nourishes the tree like a little mother… thousands of little mothers all nourishing the tree until one day, like any other day, the time comes in their life of leafiness to fall in a golden hue.  The leaves then continue to nourish the tree, its roots, the dirt of the earth, the ecology of the tree, the forest, the land.  This is the time of the Seasons of the Fall of the Little Mothers and Interconnectivity and Love

Leaves Falling

It has been very busy here at the Fairy Farm.  This is the season of doing stuff… getting ready for the big push to introspection and then guided action of Winter and Spring through Summer.

Earth-earth-space-1600x1200Mother Earth Gaia always shows the way.  Look for the Beauty, the inter-connectivity, Love in the world around you– the Planetary World– and take a moment to really breathe in the Love all that supports Life has to offer.

These past few weeks I have learned to simply stop, and center and be.

Some movies have helped me with this.  After Earth and The Last Mimzy are two double features that I recommend on view on the same night.  Take a knee and the Space Bridge are very important ideas that really work on the conscious mind and HEART.

Enhancing our ability to be more fully present pliable, Expansive– These movies give us a language in which to evoke and invoke our own coming home to our Own Hearts.

There is so much going on out in the world.  The Astrologers are calling this time a Sacred Cross in the Celestial Skies that along with Scorpio in Saturn and more, a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon and a Mercury Retrograde– and lions and tigers and bears… oh my!  It has been, well, interesting for those of us physically embodied here on Earth.  Get out your surf boards and flack jackets ’cause you are going to need them to stay focused on the goal– Expansion of Awareness.

hard hats rainbow

Incidentally, on my road, the whole road is being under construction.  It is noisy and smelly and dusty.  The whole house shakes.  There is no where to park– even though I have a driveway, I have no access.  The path to the Marsh is being upgraded.  The engineers tell all of us who live on this road that they are installing flood reduction culverts and drains.  We are interested to see how this feat of human toil turns out.  The construction will finish up sometime after Mercury goes direct sometime in Early December.

Living in a construction zone takes patience and fortitude and strength and adaptability and a large dose of humor.

There was a Government shutdown– show down here in the USA. At one point I expected to hear Music Que for Cowboy Duel Music.

Yes, External life has been for lack of better word:  weird.

Internal Life, in my heart, has been progressively more Expansion– as in an Expansion of Awareness.  It is challenging to be Expanding Awareness and staying centered in this stormy Energy. Love More and Expect Miracles.

The upside-down world is in the process of being turned right side up.  When rocks get lifted the bugs scurry to find a shadow to live under.  The Light is shining in all directions as if one were in a room with a crystal– and there is  no place to hide as all the shadows are being revealed, one at a time. All is up for review.  Remember what your reviewing so when action time comes you are ready to let go and let Love emanate from your HEART.  Love transmutes all.  Peace Pilgrim spoke of this often.

This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love. There is nothing new about this message, except the practice of it. And the practice of it is required not only in the international situation but also in the personal situation. I believe that the situation in the world is a reflection of our own immaturity . If we were mature, harmonious people, war would be no problem whatever – it would be impossible.

Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim.

There is an elegant Celestial Angelic Algorithm to all of this… which I am sure someone far better at math would be able to depict than eye-I.  As Fairy has tapped me on the shoulder to remind me that all is in the I-eye of the beholder. 

Flower of Life


The beholders of the I-Eye, are ones with eyes to see will first detect the new day to be.  This is where it is challenging.  There is something New being created– as is A New Earth Paradigm, that is in the process of becoming a New Way for the New Day here on Earth.  We are the Creators voting and creating with the focus of our thoughts and heart.

And the Dawning Day Dawns. 
The Sun Graces Your Face
And Through Your HEART
You bring the Rainbow Dream of LightLove to the New Day…

–From Rainbow Dreams, Elizabeth Loabe ©



Rainbow over the Marsh, Hampton Beach, NH



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Beauty: Love More and Expect Miracles

field of grass

The Way to create Green Grass is to water it. What are you watering to create Green beauty in your Life. The HEART Chakra is the color green  It is close to this color expression of this amazing green grass.


Fairy Farm GirlFairy Farm Girl Speaks

Good Greetings and A Happy 2nd Day of October!  October is a month of change– Autumn is gearing up and nearing a fullness of color in the Temperate parts of Surface Earth… in other places it is spring… and yet other places the dry season or the wet season.  Throughout all of surface Earth– October is a month of Change. October is an opportunity for Expansion of Awareness and interconnection to the Deepening Flower of Life and Love– the New Earth Paradigm.

These times are very FEAR enhancing.  The Paradigm is falling and the New Earth Paradigm is just beginning to Rise.  It is very challenging for many to stay centered.  What is being seen in the Media does not make sense– to Elizabeth and we are feeling most are intuiting there is something more that is unseen at work.

The Game that is being played is not about what it seems to be about.

The blame and shame game that the powers that are (the Deep State) are trying to continue to play– are confusing to the mind.   The Mind wants to know ‘what will happen?’  And yet the HEART beckons something completely different.  The Field of Life– morphogenetic fields are being empowered and created in a crystalline structure with Love.  Love is streaming to the Planet Earth, Mother Earth-Gaia, all Realms of Flora and Fauna and Humankind.

Flower of Life

Humankind is feeling this enhanced connection to LOVE and yet the reality around has not changed drastically– or has it?

BIG changes are rarely seen until these BIG changes have occurred.  Almost all shifts occur in small shifts… like lawn growing… it does not seem like it is growing until it is so tall that the growth is perceived.

The shift is incremental and because you are shifting and you are not perceiving it until you have shifted– resting on a new petal of the Flower of Life.

This unfolding is continuous… there is always a new place to rest on.  Life is a journey of unfolding Love and Beauty within and through and by the Flower of Life.

The Mind wants to know ‘what will happen?’ This question is unanswerable because you are creating the answer in the Now moments.  The Now Moments are created by  your individual and collective Feelings and Focus of Attention.  So, if what is being created for the future is in the Now, pay attention to what you are creating.

In order for energy constructs to continue these constructs must be fed.  FEAR feeds the Old Paradigm Energy Constructs.

It obscures the LOVE that is already present here on Earth.  It obscures the abundance that is available for all to partake in– it obscures the interconnection that All are part of.

Throw off the cloak of Fear– go through Fear– and expose the LOVE that is here and available for you to connect to, work with, create with, breathe in– Let the Light Shine Through.  Use this LOVELight to take action in your lives with and by acting in accordance and in alignment with Love and thus, creating Beauty.

green gaia heartAll are part of the Flower of Life. Empower LOVE Constructs by Loving and Accepting the Beauty that you are and that is all around you.  This is a new way of looking at Life.

Try it out. Practice makes progress. 

Spend some spare moments being willing to see the BEAUTY around you.  BEAUTY is the active expression of LOVE.  Seeing beauty empowers LOVE. Beauty is green.  Notice how green the realm of Flora is.  The leaves of the tree, the grass so green, the stems of flowers, the leaves of herbs and vegetables, the seaweed, the ocean..all deep beautiful green.  Green is Golden.  It holds within its Green Ray nourishment to the Soul, the HEART, and the Body.

We speak of the BEAUTY that takes the breathe away– the sunrise and sunset, the tree, the flower, the LOVE shared between a mother and child.  True BEAUTY is within the Core, the HEART of All Life.  True Beauty transcends skin deep.  True Beauty is recognized immediately and yet can be only alluded to. 

Notice how you are feeling. When you feel fearful, self correct before you become in Fear.   Disconnect from the outer life (largely a very real illusion) and instead, look into your eyes, listen with your ears, smell with your nose, touch with your hands, the Beauty around around you. 

Cultivate this LOVE for yourSelf  as you stand in this Flower of Life surrounded by Beauty.

See the Beauty that you already are… the Beauty within your Soul through your senses.

Really breathe in the Beauty that you are.

Feelings of Fear only Empowers the Old Paradigm. Empower the New with your Love, Love of yourSELF and others.  We Love each and every one of you.– All of Humankind.

When you start to feel fear, take a Deep breath, hold for a moment exhale slowly and naturally.  Remember a Loving Moment in your Life. Expand that Loving Feeling in your HEART and Self Correct.  Realign your thoughts to the and through Love in your HEART and the Beauty all around you.  This Beauty is of the All, the One, that some call God/Goddess, Source Energy, Creator, Great Goddess– The All is know by many names and is indescribably beautiful inspiring wonder and awe in the HEARTS of Humankind.

LOVE More and Expect Miracles.  Breathe in the Beauty that you already are.  We bless you with Love.  —Fairy Farm Girl and Fairy Realm through Elizabeth

field of grass

The Way to create Green Grass is to water it. What are you watering to create Green beauty in your Life. The HEART Chakra is the color green It is close to this color expression of this amazing green grass.



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The Energy Deluge: September Equinox

EquinoxGood Greetings All!

Happy Day to you!  Happy Equinox Energy Week!

The Equinox is a what is called a power day– the Main Equinox Day of Energy.  I awakened at 4:30 am, ready to great the day.  I had a lovely cup of coffee and watched the clouds moving around in the pre-dawn light.  I decided to go for a pre-dawn walk and watch the sunrise on the beach.

I spent to some time getting ready for my walk– attending to the life around me and as I was just about to go out the door, the rain  began, as a deluge.

The clouds I had been watching, in a short time had joined together and made rain– lots of rain… it rained steadily for the entire morning— and then as suddenly as the rain had began it stoppped.  By Noontime, the clouds had moved out to sea and the sun was shining— nothing but blue blue sky to see!

A lot of newness was experienced when I awakened from a nights sleep at 4:30 am.  I had a general feeling that everything was about to change– flow is in the house.  Yippie!  Flow and Ease– a Space of Grace.  So exciting!

Previously on Saturday,  this Equinox Weekend, I experienced a shift– an Expansion of Awareness and multidimensionality.  It really created within me an expansiveness– vastness– and I spent the rest of the day in a state of ease.  It took much focus to keep my feet on the ground!  A great day Saturday spent out in nature, in the company of beautiful people followed by a lovely walk on the beach.  The sunset was spectacular.

The High Equinox, we celebrated with watching a football game (an attempt at normalcy) while having a discussion on how to build a better suit for the players to wear.  We thought the helmets should have airbags.  The children thought that the football players apologize when they were too rough.

Then, while the game was going on, I decided to join a meditation  for Peace focusing on Syria and moving my focus outward to all people and all lands of the world.

My husband turned the game down while I was in a different room so my attention could be fully on peace.

I Choose Peace this is my Prayer.
Peace Here in My HEART
Peace Everywhere

I enjoyed listening to The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) while connecting with the millions of other people all over the world intending, praying for Peace and actively involved in the Peace Process and International Peace Day 9/21-9/22.

During half time, dinner was prepared and put into the oven.  After the game, we all had a lovely Sunday Supper and said grace with a focus on thanking the Earth for the abundance and bounty of food, thanking the people who have assisted us and intending for Peace for All people.

Recently, I had received a map of the World from Doctors Without Borders (they sent a fundraiser letter to me and a map of the world).  I hung up the map on the back of the back door in our kitchen.  So we could look at the map and discuss different places all over the world.  The kids like to point out the world’s continents look like they are puzzle pieces that belong together.  Each time, they notice this, it creates a new discussion of inter-connectedness and ‘Loving Your Neighbor.’

sandcastleAs soon as dinner was done, on the evening of the High Equinox, just before sunset, we headed for the beach to build sandcastles,watch the sun go down, and really feel connected to Earth, Water, Sky and Sun (Fire) as well as Ether.  To our delight we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves.  The kids starting building sandcastles straight away.

The Light was incredible– beyond spectacular.  I can only express this as a state of gratitude and wonder and awe.    We could see it streaming in from the Cosmos and the Solaris-Sun to the dirt of the Earth, Mother Earth Gaia and all her inhabitants.

Herring Gull

Herring Gull

The Sea gulls were like ballerinas in air, swooping down toward the

Lesser Black Backed Gull

Lesser Black Backed Gull

sea and the beach and then spinning

Lesser Black Backed Gull

Lesser Black Backed Gull

upward as if in a pirouette.  Amazing!

There are 3 distinct species of sea gulls that live on the Seacoast of NH.  Each species has a different call and look.  And yet they are all seagulls and they all tend to flock together.

The three types are Herring Gulls, Lesser Black Backed Gull and Greater Black Backed Gull– of the three types of Gulls, the Greater Black Backed Gull is the largest on the beach for sure.  And yet, they all get along, for the most part.

All of the Gulls are omnivorous, usually mate for life, and will move inland during a storm.  They all have a different language and yet seems to understand each other quite well.  PEACE is present even among the Gulls.

The waves of the ocean were so distinct and beautiful as we sat on the beach.  The children built sandcastles and we watched and supervised.  The light was something quite like no other that we have seen ever.  It was different.  We have arrived at a different space-place on the Flower of Life.

Today, I had the startling experience of seeing myself as fully self-sufficient and beautiful as I am– for a moment I saw myself as the Angels see us.  It was a WOW! moment completely and purely.  I just loved that this is what I am seeing now… not just intellectual knowing, but true wisdom feeling within my HEART and seeing with my eyes this luminosity that I have not seen in a long while since my last BIG LEAP. And then the realization that everything is always changing.  Life and Living is like water, it changes, and changes all it touches, it takes on form and acts on that form… it can not be compressed, contained and always seeks its own level.  I am beginning to see that the Soul is like Water– not on a poetic intellectual understanding– A knowing that we are all like water– as pure consciousness embodied in form.

In the early afternoon, I saw the movie Epic with my children.  And the BIG LEAP is like the the leaps that the “little forest people” take effortlessly.  The fluid motion that they move through life in harmony with the forest, the Earth, the realms of Flora and Fauna and others.  This movie had so many truths embedded within it.

After the movie we went on a walk and  found a wild apple tree. We decided to wild gather some apples.  We did as a group effort by reaching up to grab a large branch and shake the tree.  The the kids ran around picking up the falling apples.  We collected enough apples to last the week  and make an apple pie!

Apple TreeNothing compares to a freshly picked apple from nature… from the land to the hand with the assistance of the the Earth Gaia, Fairy Realm and the apple tree.  So delightful in the area that we live so many trees are wild, so many wild foods are available to sample and harvest if one wishes to do so.

While we were shaking the Apple Tree the crows were cawing and a hawk circled to take a look at what we were doing.  The apples fell that were ready for harvest easily as Nature (Mother Earth Gaia and the Tree) intends.

The Apples that did not fall with a gentle shaking of the tree were left to mature, they were left on the tree.  Peace.  We thanked the Apple Tree for her gifts and went on our way home.

Apple Trees are one of my favorite trees.  The Apple Tree symbolize Magic, health, wellness, joy and beauty as well as youthfulness.

I bless all with Love!  Enjoy the scenes of the Sea that I filmed at Sunset, September Equinox 2013.   I express Gratitude for each and everyone of YOU!  Thank you! Peace On. –Elizabeth

Dawn, North Beach, Hampton, NH

Dawn, North Beach, Hampton, NH


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